Make it plain

Purchase 80 to 100 acres

Must have one of the following water features, lake access, large pond with spring, or flowing creek.  Beautiful vistas.  This property must be conveniently located and be easily accessible, highway or paved road access must have access to utilities.

Building Community

Build 100 affordable senior citizen condominiums

Build 100 affordable family condominiums for low income families

Building Hope

“The Refuge Center” will be a ministry center to meet both benevolent needs and equipping training needs.  This center will meet both the spiritual and practical needs of people.  Training to include, “Victory over Poverty”, “Single Parenting Support Sessions,” “Divorce recovery,” “Breaking the Bonds of Addiction,” “Parenting classes,” etc.  This will also be a resource center utilizing the body of Christ universal-gifts talents and abilities as well as funding.

Building Strength

 “The Power House Ministry Center” a 24 hour a day intercessory prayer center.  The prayer center will have many quiet soundproof rooms for personal or family use.  We will also have prayer counselors answering phone lines from the television and radio broadcast.  We will also teach various classes on prayer.

Building Joy

The “Shakina Worship Center” a 24 hour worship center with live praise, CD’s, worship workshops, worship dance classes, a state of the art recording studio, and Television studio.

Building Youth 

build “Kingdom Seekers youth Center” Touching the lives of all youth, providing spiritual fathers for the fatherless, 24 hour counseling center, training teens to become tomorrows leaders, providing a safe and stable atmosphere for youth of all ages.  Teaching youth to become soul winners, drama classes, build a state of the art activities center.

Building Families

build “Word of Faith” a 200 to 5000 seat worship center, a non-traditional church reaching the 21st century with the love of Christ.

Building Strong Leaders

build a “Life Christian University,” a fully accredited biblical studies university.

This vision is for the body of Christ local and universal – it is all about Christ and His church

“Transform the Heart…Transform the city, the nation, and the world.”

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